Guide to FOIP-Chapter 1

Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner. Guide to FOIP, Chapter 1, Purposes and Scope of FOIP. Updated 7 March 2023 17 Material that is available to purchase means that a pricing structure is in place for all who wish to obtain the information or record.34 When considering whether a record or information is available to purchase, the government institution should confirm that: • The specific information or record requested is available for purchase. • There is a way for the public to purchase the record or information (i.e., website, office to attend). • A pricing structure exists for all who wish to obtain the information or record. In some circumstances, information or records are available through a public registry. A registry means a registry established or continued pursuant to a public registry statute and includes information provided to, and the data created or maintained in the operation of, a public registry statute.35 It can also be an electronic registry. Examples include the Information Services Corporation (ISC) land titles registry and the corporate registry. These registries provide information or records. Purchases can be made by attending ISC or through its website. There is also a fee structure in place for anyone wishing to purchase certain registry information. Some information is available free of charge. When relying on this provision, the government institution should ensure the publicly available record is the record or information being requested by an applicant. Further, applicants should not be required to compile small pieces of information from a variety of sources to obtain a complete version of a record that could be disclosed.36 Information Services Corporation (ISC) Information Services Corporation (ISC) oversees several public registries for the Government of Saskatchewan. 34 Adapted from ON IPC Order MO-1693 at p.16. 35 Subsection 2(1)(i) of The Operation of Public Registry Statutes Act, SS 2013, c O-4.2. Subsection 2(1)(h) of this Act also defines “public registry statute” as an Act designated by subsection (2) with respect to a service agreement that has been entered into and includes regulations or an Act for which a contractor is authorized to exercise powers or fulfill duties in accordance with subsection 10(1) and includes regulations. 36 ON IPC Order MO-3191-F at [86], [87] and [88].