Guide to FOIP-Chapter 6

Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner. Guide to FOIP, Chapter 6, Protection of Privacy. Updated 27 February 2023. 36 What is not Personal Information? The IPC has consistently found that certain information does not qualify as personal information in several reports. This information includes: Work product is information generated by or otherwise associated with an individual in the normal course of performing his or her professional or employment responsibilities, whether in a public or private setting. This is not considered personal information.90 Business card information is the type of information found on a business card (name, job title, work address, work telephone numbers and work email address). This type of information is generally not personal in nature and therefore would not be considered personal information. This is considered “business contact information” and not personal information.91 Employer assigned cell phone numbers are considered business card information. This interpretation has been applied to business cell phone numbers for government employees, non-government employees, professionals, and corporate officers.92 A name alone is not personal information unless release of the name itself would reveal personal information about the individual.93 Names of nurses and firefighters were found to not be personal information.94 Signatures when made in a work-related capacity were found to not be personal information. However, a signature may be personal in nature outside of the professional context.95 Information relating to the position, function or responsibilities of an individual pertain more to a job description of an individual and are not personal in nature. This includes terms 90 First cited in SK OIPC Review Report F-2006-001 at [113]. See also SK OIPC 2012-2013 Annual Report at p. 12. See also BC IPC Order P14-03 at [17] to [18]. 91 First cited in SK OIPC Review Report F-2010-001 at [124]. See also SK OIPC 2012-2013 Annual Report at p. 12. See also ON IPC Order P-1409 at p. 24. 92 See SK OIPC Review Report 277-2016 at [41]. 93 See subsection 24(1)(k)(ii) of FOIP. First cited in SK OIPC Review Report 2003-014 at [26]. Later referenced in SK OIPC Review Report F-2005-001 at [13]. See also SK OIPC Review Reports F-2012-006 at [147], F-2014-005 at [10], 195-2015 and 196-2015 at [17] and 112-2018 at [46]. See also General Motors Acceptance Corp. of Canada v. Saskatchewan Government Insurance, 1993 CanLII 9128 (SK CA) at [14] and Griffiths v. Nova Scotia (Education), 2007 NSSC 178 (CanLII) at [24]. 94 See SK OIPC Review Reports LA-2012-002 at [26] and F-2006-001 at [113]. 95 See SK OIPC Review Report 156-2015 at [6].