Guide to FOIP-Chapter 6

Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner. Guide to FOIP, Chapter 6, Protection of Privacy. Updated 27 February 2023. 78 information. However, the ‘why’ was an expressed personal opinion or view about an individual and constituted the personal information that the opinion or view was about. In Review Report 019-2014, the Commissioner found that information severed was not personal in nature and were the opinions and views of elected City of Saskatoon Councillors in the course of their official responsibilities and professional capacity. Other information severed were opinions and views of a contracted third party businesses related to a contract between the business and the City of Saskatoon. Again, the opinions and views were given in a professional capacity. The Commissioner recommended the information be released. Subsection 24(2)(d) Interpretation 24(2) “Personal information” does not include information that discloses: … (d) financial or other details of a contract for personal services; The rationale for subsection 24(2)(d) of FOIP is that the public is entitled to know from whom and for what amount such services were purchased. This is an important part of public accountability.221 Financial means of or pertaining to revenue or money matters.222 Financial details relates to the amounts paid under the contract.223 Other examples include the hourly rate, monthly and total hours, total contract cost and the manner of calculating it.224 221 Service Alberta, FOIP Guidelines and Practices: 2009 Edition, Chapter 4 at p. 24. 222 The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles, Oxford University Press 1973, Volume 1 at p. 964. 223 Service Alberta, FOIP Guidelines and Practices: 2009 Edition, Chapter 4 at p. 24. Similar definition in Government of Manitoba, FIPPA for Public Bodies – Resource Manual, Chapter 5, Exceptions to Disclosure at p. 71. Available at Accessed on June 5, 2020. 224 AB IPC Order F2004-014 at [36].