Guide to FOIP-Chapter 4

Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner. Guide to FOIP, Chapter 4, Exemptions from the Right of Access. Updated 8 April 2024. 119 is an entity or individual to which the Executive Council or any of its committees has delegated decision-making authority on their behalf.448 The Commissioner has formally found the following are committees of Executive Council. However, this list is not exhaustive. These are only the ones considered by the Commissioner: • Treasury Board;449 and • The Legislation and Regulation Review Committee.450 This includes drafts of these documents, and any informal notes which officials may make during the meetings. By disclosing drafts and notes, the associated substance could be disclosed.451 2. Does the record contain briefings to members of Cabinet on matters that relate to the making of government decisions or the formulation of government policy? Briefing means a written summary of short duration; concise; using few words; a summary of facts or a meeting for giving information or instructions.452 Executive Council means the Executive Council appointed pursuant to The Executive Government Administration Act.453 It consists of the Premier and Cabinet Ministers. Executive Council is also referred to as “Cabinet”.454 Cabinet has also been defined as the committee of senior ministers (heading individual provincial government ministries) which acts collectively with the Premier to decide matters of government policy.455 In relation to has been found to have a similar meaning as “in respect of”. It was considered in Nowegijick v. The Queen (1983): 448 British Columbia Government Services, FOIPPA Policy and Procedures Manual at Accessed June 26, 2019. 449 SK OIPC Review Reports 041-2015 at [8], 050-2015 at [12] and 051-2015 at [12]. 450 SK OIPC Review Report 079-2013 at [21]. 451 Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Confidences of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada (Cabinet confidences), Accessed June 27, 2019. 452 Pearsall, Judy, Concise Oxford Dictionary, 10th Ed., (Oxford University Press) at p. 174. 453 The Legislation Act, S.S. 2019, Chapter L-10.2 at ss. 2-29. 454 Government of Saskatchewan, Cabinet Secretariat, Executive Council, Executive Government Processes and Procedures in Saskatchewan: A Procedures Manual, 2007, at p. 16. 455 British Columbia Government Services, FOIPPA Policy Definitions at Accessed April 23, 2020.